June 6, 2011

Whitaker Hall, Washington University in St. Louis


Sing for Siteman offers special thanks to Opera Theatre of St. Louis for making the involvement of these world-class artists possible.

My maternal grandfather and his seven brothers and sisters all died of various forms of cancer. We have a real scare in our family of cancer, and hope to avoid it! I am more than happy to donate my gifts however I can.
— Kathryn Leemhuis

Artistic Director

Carol Wong


Sylvia McNair


Kim Eberlein
Janice Linehan

Cancer has increased my vocabulary: dilaudid, lorzepam, terminal restlessness, haldol, and hospice. I can recognize the death rattle in two shakes. I’ve kept a window open to let spirits be release. I’ve buried both my parents. We must continue holding each other’s hands and telling each other our stories.
— Lucy Schaufer


Barbara & Dolph Bridgewater, Phoebe & Spencer Burke, Lynn Cornelius, Majella Doyle, Tim Eberlein, Julie Tang & Mark Eggert, Rita Ferreti, Barb & Lee Fetter, Jeanne & Will Gillanders, Carol Stewart & Paul Goodfellow, Michelle & Bill Hawkins, Patty Hecker, Mary Susman & Tom Herm, Maggie & Ron Holtman, Karen & Evan Kharasch, Carol Kimball, Michelle & Wayne Klenke, Lucy & David Levy, Sally Levy, David Linehan, Sheila & Jeff Michalski, Cindy & Mark Moon, Noemi & Michael Neidorff, Vicki Newton, Yoram & Hadas Rudy, Maria Schlafly, Karen Branding & Mike Schroeder, Carol & Jake Shepley, Jenny & Walter Shifrin, Yona & Steve Strasberg, Donald Suggs, Ann & Bill Sullins, Mabel Purkerson & Jesse Ternberg, Nancy & Bob Wagoner, Barbara & Brad Warner, Donna Wilkinson, Grace & Frank Yin, Sharon & Elliot Zucker

Generous Supporters

Impresario Level

Noemi and Michael Neidorff

Ovation Level

Kathy Sager and the Millstone Foundation

Bravo Level

Barbara Bryant, Julie Tang and Mark Eggert, Dr. Lynn Cornelius and the Division of Dermatology and the Washington University School of Medicine

Special Thanks

Sharon and Elliot Zucker
The Opera Theatre of St. Louis Guild
The Steinway Piano Gallery
Dr. Frank Yin
Cheryl Marting
J. David Levy
Teofil Kheim
David Salmo
Cravings Restaurant, Bakery and Catering Company