June 4, 2012

Whitaker Hall, Washington University in St. Louis

Event photography generously provided by Suzy Gorman


Sing for Siteman offers special thanks to Opera Theatre of St. Louis for making the involvement of these world-class artists possible.

A dear friend of mine fought a battle with cancer and won. She called me the day she was diagnosed. Watching her battle has been one of the most inspirational things in my life. She is totally cancer free!
— Adam Diegel

Artistic Director

Carol Wong


Tracy Dahl


Kim Eberlein
Janice Linehan


Spencer Burke, Robert Cohen, Janet Hoyne, Margie Jaffe, Sheila Michalski, Nancy Siteman, Fran Zamler

A week after my mother became engaged to John, he was diagnosed with cancer and given about two months to live. He has endured back surgery and several rounds of chemo, but has kept on smiling throughout. The love, support, and perseverance he and my mother have displayed blows my mind and inspired me immensely. Tonight I sing for Siteman, but I also sing for Captain John Pagenstecher.
— Ashley Emerson


Paul Arenberg, Nancy & James Bobrow, Marie & Mark Carlie, Majella Doyle, Pattie Duval, Julie Tang & Mark Eggert, Carolyn Farrell, Ann & Keith Fischer, Sheila & Richard Flom, Jeanne & Will Gillanders, Carolyn Gollub, Vicki Groswald, Michelle & Bill Hawkins, Patty Hecker, Carolyn & Jay Henges, Mary Susman & Tom Herm, Camille Herman, Ann & Jim von der Heydt, Deb Hollingsworth, Deb Hollingsworth, Margie & Merle Horowitz, Carol Kimball, Susan & Jack Kissinger, Lucy & David Levy, Sally Levy, Judy Milton, Cindy & Mark Moon, Louis Orchard, Raymond W. Peters II, Rochelle Popkin, Mabel Purkerson, Kathy & Tom Ryan, Helene Sayad, Carol & Jake Shepley, Alice & Rob Sherwood, Jenny & Walter Shifrin, Yona & Steve Strasberg, Ann & Bill Sullins, Mabel Purkerson & Jesse Ternberg, Pam & Craig Toder, Nancy & Bob Wagoner, Barbara & Brad Warner, Janie & John Weiss, Donna Wilkinson, Grace & Frank Yin, Sharon & Elliot Zucker

Generous Supporters

Ovation Level

Ladue News, Media Sponsor

Encore Level

Nancy and Ken Kranzberg

Bravo Level

AT& T Missouri, Centene Charitable Foundation, Julie Tang & Mark Eggert, Fox Family Foundation, Mr. & Mrs. Harvard K. Hecker, Margie & Martin Jaffe, Millstone Foundation, Polsinelli Shugart PC

Chorus Level

Mary & Ken Bower, Barbara Bryant, Noemi & Michael Neidorff, Lois Orchard, Marsha & William C. Rusnack, Don Soffer, Donna Wilkinson

Special Thanks

Tracy Dahl
Sharon and Elliot Zucker
Opera Theatre of St. Louis Guild
LaChef and Company
Tracy and Nate Moore
Dr. Frank Yin
Teofil Kheim
The Steinway Piano Gallery
Cheryl Marting
Emily Duffin and David Carl Toulson
Tim McHugh
Circle of Hope Bracelets
Colleen's Cookies