Brendan Davis

My name is Brendan Davis, I am 29 years old and grew up in the Kirkwood area. I graduated from CBC and then from the University of Missouri. I enjoy all things outdoors, being active, golf, Mizzou football, and hanging with my dog, Chicharito.

In late 2017/ early 2018, I knew something was not right with my health. After meeting with a few different doctors and having no luck diagnosing the problem, I decided to insist on a colonoscopy as one of the last-ditch efforts. During the colonoscopy, it was discovered that I had colon cancer and after getting additional scans, I was diagnosed with stage IV, as it had spread to my liver.

The first couple of days after being diagnosed was completely chaotic, however, I was put in touch with some specialists from Siteman and instantly knew it was the place I needed to be. I was very fortunate to get set up with an incredible team, who has been supportive and provided me with a sense of confidence since day one. I have been going through treatment for about a year and know that all of Siteman’s resources and staff are part of the reason I’m still here and have the belief that I will be cancer free in the near future. There are few cancer hospitals that strive to really make a difference and be supportive in all aspects of a patient’s journey, and luckily we have one here in St. Louis in Siteman.