Richelle Weisbrod

When a routine check-up results in a hospital stay, urgent tests and new doctors, you fear that this is the day you will be in the wrong statistics category. I was holding hands tightly with my husband and our very pregnant only child when we learned the devastating news that my breast cancer had metastasized in my bones. I wept and asked if I would live to meet my first grandchild, due in just 8 weeks. My Siteman oncologist of course immediately built and implemented an aggressive medical protocol.

For me, treating my body wasn't enough. I needed much more support. And I got it. I was treated spiritually and emotionally through Siteman counseling services, individually and in classes; I was given the sense of control I needed by discussions of the implications of all of my test results; Siteman helped me be an active participant in my plan of care through mychart, nutritional and exercise services. Siteman gave me knowledge, empowerment, strength, and hope.

I was with my family for the birth of my grandson. I am an integral part of my family's daily lives. I am able to mentor my daughter as she begins this new incredible chapter in her life as a mother. I can play with my grandson. I am now, and hope to be for a very long time, my grandson's Gigi, thanks to Siteman's holistic approach, treating the entire person and their family, while fighting this terrible disease.