Edith King

As a full-time working wife, mother and grandmother, my priorities were always centered on family and work. When I received the call in May 2011 informing me that I had breast cancer my world shattered. How could this be happening to me? There must be a mistake – this simply could not be.

After the initial shock and much prayer, I knew that God had a plan. His plan included a wonderful oncologist who introduced me to Siteman Cancer Center. My first visit there was scary. I didn’t know what to expect, I was frightened and unsure. What I discovered is that Siteman is like one big family. When I cried there was someone there to help me dry my tears. When I felt like quitting there was someone there to give me a hug. When I didn’t think I could endure one more day, there was someone there to reassure me that I could fight this and win.

Now I sing because I am happy, and I sing because I am cancer free. I sing the praises of Dr. Hall and the wonderful staff at Siteman Cancer Center. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor with music in my heart. Thank you for the opportunity to share my song and my journey.

photo info: Linda DeVaughn (Friend), Brian Franklin (Son), Edith King, Charles King Jr. (Husband)