Wanda Morganfield-Nelson

I am a two-time breast cancer survivor, first diagnosed in 1983. I remained cancer free until November 2015 when I was diagnosed again. In that 32-year period of being cancer free, I always knew there was a possibility I could have another occurrence, but that did not stop me from living a full and active life. However, when I found the lump in my breast, I was no different from any other woman receiving the diagnosis. I was scared, apprehensive and at a loss of where to start.

I was fortunate that one of Siteman’s oncologists was on the Board of my breast cancer support group. I spoke to her about my concerns and she referred me to doctors she believed would give me the best possible care. These doctors were also on the Siteman team. I was also familiar with Siteman Cancer Center, as my breast cancer group had partnered with them in the fight against breast cancer. Also, I knew that Siteman ranked high nationally, as one of the best cancer treatment centers.

My Board member, who became my oncologist, assured me that I would get the best and most comprehensive care and assured me that I was going to be okay. Her confidence and the knowledge that I was going to receive treatment at one of the best centers, was most assuring. Thus, began my second journey on the road to survival.

Siteman’s first class service began upon entering the front door, being greeted by a friendly, competent staff, that eased my anxiety and made me feel comfortable. After a few visits, they recognized me before bringing up my chart. That made me feel special.

I was always treated with dignity, concern, and compassion. My team always involved me in my treatment plan and made sure that I understood that their decisions were the best for ME. My appointments were never rushed; they were professional, with the right amount of “bedside manner” that made me feel more of a person rather than a patient.

When I began Chemotherapy, the staff was competent and professional, but still personable and friendly. The Siteman facility was “homey” and I felt more like I was going to see “family” than going to a hospital for treatment. I believe their care and dedication made my road to recovery a little less bumpy and successful. I am thankful and will be forever grateful for the care and treatment I received at Siteman Cancer Center. I decided to help “My Team” and be of service to cancer patients who are on the journey that I completed. I now volunteer in the Pod where I received my treatment. I not only survive, I thrive!