2019 Testimonials

The care and research at Siteman Cancer Center has touched thousands of lives. Click the images below for a stories from people who have been impacted by Siteman.

Sing for Siteman is interested in sharing the stories of people whose lives have been touched by Siteman Cancer Center. For our 10th Anniversary, we are hoping to have ten stories to share.

Each testimonial will include:

  • A story from each person describing how they have been impacted by Siteman Cancer Center, as well as any connection (if applicable) to Sing for Siteman itself. (Submissions may be lightly edited for length and style.)

  • A high-quality photo (minimum 800 pixels high/wide at least 300 dpi)

We will be using these materials in a series on the Sing for Siteman website, Facebook channel, and potentially in various formats (print, signage) prior to and during the event itself.

In appreciation, Sing for Siteman will provide two complimentary tickets for each submission.


Thank you so much for your willingness to be part of Sing for Siteman! Please send your materials, and any questions, to Kimberly Singer, kimberly@ksingercreative.com.